What to expect when you come to

Kiln Clinic

For the past decade we've been providing you with top quality maintenance and fantastic services in everything pottery related. We won't let you down.

At Kiln Clinic we urge you to look no further than our services. We offer you something you may be hard pressed to find anywhere else with such experience. With over two decades of experience comes a fantastic range of expertise meaning there's little we can't fix.

Being fully insured and VAT registered, Kiln Clinic offers a wide range of amazing services that are too extensive to list, however below are our key services.

Our key services...


We provide an efficient and fast call out service, that can deal with the vast majority of onsite repairs meaning you won't have to pay anything extra to anybody

Supply you with sparesĀ 

We host a phenomenal range of pottery and kiln products that will make sure you're never lacking anything essential. Even if the manufacturer no longer produces the item, we can provide you with it.


Whether you're a school, university, hospital or local authority we can supply you the best top and front loading Kilns. We also supply pottery/ceramics businesses and private potters.

Recognised and respected

We're well recognised and respected within our community producing only the highest of quality of kilns for such notable organisations as Eton College and the Victoria Albert Museum